Australia at Work is one of the largest studies of the nation's working life, tracking the experiences of thousands of workers. Over five years, the project has sought to understand the nature of employment in this country, and how it is changing over time. Below are a number of downloadable reports, working papers and factsheets which draw out key themes and trends in the research.


Perceived Manager Opposition to Unions 

Hours of Work - usual and unpaid

Working Time Preferences

Workplace Consultation

Fair Treatment

Trust in Managers

Gender Earnings

Self-reported Agreement Type

Changing Jobs

Risk of Work-related Injury or Illness

Risk of Work-related Injury or Illness Among Health Industry Workers

Risk of Work-related Injury or Illness Among Construction Industry Workers

Employee Attitudes to Managers

Gender Pay Gap in Part-time Work

The Full-time/Part-time Wage Gap

Trade Union Membership - Who's Leaving?

Trade Union Membership - Who's Leaving Whilst Staying With the Same Employer?

Hours of Work for Full-time Employees - usual and unpaid


Australia at Work: The Benchmark Report

Working Lives: Statistics and Stories

Australia at Work: In a Changing World

Working Papers

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