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Rice Cooker A Simple Tool Becomes a Weight Loss Must Have

I was trying to create a Chapter Two in my life by joining forces with my sister (who had moved to SW Missouri in 2000) in flipping houses. This all started in late 2005. I had had a high pressure, but lucrative sales position, and real estate values in Los Angeles were skyrocketing. We became addicted to Property Ladder, Flip This House, and Flip That House and would call each other at the end of each show. So I sold my condo, and in late 2005, we bought a foreclosure… architecturally stunning house, but one that we got too emotionally involved in, spent too too much money on, and now cannot sell.
Along the way, I started to pack on the pounds. In LA, you ate healthy. I loved Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods….all the great fruits and veggies at Costco. In Missouri, I had no friends, no gentleman caller, no gym, and no personal validation that I used to get from work.

Food became my friend. I am in Mount Vernon, Missouri, really a great location between Springfield and Joplin (before the gas crisis). The people are so nice, so genuine, and the food is so good.,,,my two favorites being Big Baldy’s BBQ and Lai Lai Chinese Buffet, about 17 miles away in Monett.

Last September, in a case of Divine Intervention, I started the Rice Diet, which had originated at Duke University in the 1930s. (I had heard of it when the football coach at UCLA while I was there lost tons of weight by living in Durham. while on the Rice Diet). I started the “Dieta” as they call it, on September 18, 2007. It is an amazing diet. I actually altered it a bit, because I know what works for me, so I needed to add some extras in order to be able to stay on the program. The “Dieta” includes lots of rice, grains, veggies, and fruits. At first I was taking a lot of time in preparing all of the foods. Because of my background in sales (of Information Technology) I soon realized I needed to get some automation into the process. Because I have a house for sale too, I did not want to always have the home smelling of freshly cooked veggies, garlic, et al, so I wanted to be able to cook, then air out the house, spray Fabreeze, whatever it takes to eliminate oder!!

I brought my Cuisinart Food Processor back from California and bought a Rice Cooker. Oh my gosh, what an improvement!!

Along the way, I also discovered an ancient Italian grain called “Farro.” With the Rice Cooker, I can cook Farro, all kinds of rice and risotto. Rice Cookers are amazing. They work because they have a thermostat. When the fluids are either evaporated or incorporated into the rice or grain, the temperature gets hotter. When the device gets hotter, Voila!! It shuts off. I have a Rival Rice Cooker, but my favorite one is a very inexpensive one sold at Walgreen’s.

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