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Australia at Work is a longitudinal study of 8,341 Australians, examining people's working lives in a continually changing industrial relations environment. The research participants were contacted once a year for five years (2007 to 2011) to find out how their working lives were changing.

The annual nation-wide telephone interviews are now completed, however analysis of the five years of data is ongoing. This website is regularly updated with the latest research publications, media and factsheets from the Australia at Work data.


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Commissioning proposals or research
Due to the size and duration of the Australia at Work project, a considerable amount of data has been accumulated on a range of workplace issues and conditions such as hours of work, wages, OH&S and workplace relations.

As well as the publications available on this website, the Workplace Research Centre can provide research based on your specific needs, be it across the labour market, or tailored to a particular demographic, industry or occupation.

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